Services - Leases

As a Landlord or Tenant you have to take some degree of risk and responsibility.

You need your risk mitigated and your responsibilities understood.

What is a Lease?

A Lease is a agreement between two parties, the Landlord and the Tenant. In return for the Tenant paying rent, and complying with the terms of the Lease the Landlord allows the Tenant to occupy the Landlord’s land, building or part of the building. The Lease is for a fixed period. Under the Lease the Tenant is agreeing to pay the rent and comply with the Lease terms.

If the Tenant fails to comply with the Lease terms the Landlord is likely to be entitled to end the Lease and to compensation for the unpaid rent for the remaining years of the Lease.

We know what the risks are, how they work, and the impact that they will have on you and your business.